In the past, your only options for replacing a missing tooth were with a bridge or a partial denture. Likewise, denture wearers might have had issues keeping their prosthesis in place because it constantly fell out and slipped. If you’re tired of using strips, adhesive gels and creams and you’re ready to take charge of your smile, dental implants are a great go-to choice for your needs. These small titanium posts are easy to place and the majority of people who need them can safely have the procedure done in our state-of-the-art office.

<b>What are Dental Implants?</b>
Dental implants are often made out of a surgical-grade titanium, so they’re safe and effective when placed under the gums. These implants will naturally fuse with underlying bone structure in about six months after they’ve been placed. This means that you’ll have a stable and fully secured restoration that works well for you. It’s not uncommon for implants to last for anywhere from 20 to 30 years before you may need to replace them with a new restoration.

<b>Who is a candidate for Dental Implants?</b>
The majority of people who want or need implants can safely have the procedure done. However, in order for implants to heal successfully, you need to have enough healthy bone structure in the area for the implant to grip onto something. If you have bone loss, we may suggest a bone grafting before any type of implant can be placed. Ideally, you shouldn’t have a health condition or disorder that affects your ability to heal from the actual surgery. You should commit to coming into the office for several appointments so that we can check to make sure the implant is healing properly.

<b>What to expect with the Dental Implant procedure</b>
The procedure to place an implant is quite simple and requires administering a sedative or anesthetic and then placing the actual implant post. The post is inserted deep into the bone of the jaw where it is able to fuse with the body in about six months. New crowns, dentures or bridge work can be made for you to sit on top of these newly healed implants within the mouth.

If you think you might benefit from dental implants and want to come in for an appointment, call us now and we will help to get you in for a consultation.


Here at Confident Smiles, we practice all CDC and OSHA standards of infection control on a daily basis, even prior to this virus. We treat everything to the highest standards for our patient’s and employee’s safety. 

We are able to see ALL patients at this time. 

We clean everything with hospital level disinfectants as part of our standard protocol and we sterilize all of our instruments. The handwashing protocol advised by the CDC is routine for us. We feel safe enough to continue to stay open and care for our patients since we always practice disease prevention as advised by OSHA and the CDC. As per our standard policy, sick patients will NOT be seen to protect all involved in their dental care. 

We have added the following precautions to our daily protocol

  • Patient phone screening questions about current symptoms illness and/or recent travel
  • Usage of hand sanitizer for every patient who enters the office
  • Daily employee screening questions about current symptoms of illness 

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