Tooth Extraction

What is a Tooth Extraction?

Extractions involve completely removing one or more of your natural teeth. They are done as a way to preserve the health of your mouth and prevent future problems from developing. Extractions are done safely and easily in our office on an as-needed basis. We ensure that your time with us during your extraction is comfortable and relaxed.

Why is a Tooth Extraction needed?

There are many reasons for why a tooth may need to be removed. Regardless of the reason, it’s always done to better your oral health and prevent problems from occurring later on. Some of the reasons for needing an extraction include:

  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • A tooth has broken or cracked below the gum line
  • A tooth is severely decayed
  • You want to avoid more complicated procedures
  • A tooth is loose due to gum disease

“Dr. Barsa is honest, fair and efficient. He explains everything to the patient and tries to be very fair in charging the patient. I recommend him highly.”

Margaret A.

Who’s a good candidate for a Tooth Extraction?

We will first perform an exam to determine if you may need to have an extraction. Just because a tooth is painful or sensitive does not mean that it always needs to be removed. We take every step possible to save a tooth from complete extraction and work tirelessly to offer treatments better suited to your needs. However, there may come a time when an extraction is the only option and we’ll provide this treatment to patients of all ages in our office.

What happens during a Tooth Extraction?

We will administer a local anesthetic or sedation as needed and as per your request. We then remove the tooth using specialized tools that fully separate the tooth from underlying bone and gum tissue. Sutures may be used to close the gum tissue and promote healing. You’ll be sent home with important aftercare instructions so that the area heals properly. Extractions can be done easily and simply in our office at your own convenience and when you’re ready to have them done.

If you think you might need to have a tooth extracted, call our office today and we’ll get you in for a consultation appointment and exam.