Root Canals

What are Root Canals?

A root canal is a type of procedure that removes the inner pulp of one or more of your teeth. Each tooth has a small pulp inside which houses the nerves and blood supply. When this pulp becomes infected by decay or has been left exposed through a crack or fracture, you’re left with a painful tooth that’s sensitive to hot and cold liquids. A root canal involves removing this pulp and keeping the overall structure of the tooth.

Why are Root Canals needed?

A root canal may be needed if you had a cavity that was ignored and allowed to get worse. The decay will eventually get to the point where it reaches the inner pulp and infects it. Another reason for needing a root canal is if you have a tooth that’s become broken or cracked. This may leave the pulp exposed, causing severe pain and sensitivity.

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Ryan M.

Who’s a good candidate for Root Canals?

We can perform an examination to determine if you’ll need a root canal. Oftentimes, we’ll take and look at x-rays to see how far down the decay has gone and whether or not it’s been able to reach the pulp. Our goal is to offer you treatment as soon as possible to prevent and eliminate the pain that you’re experiencing. Root canals are incredibly common and nothing to be afraid of when visiting our office.

What happens during the procedure for Root Canals?

We start by administering a local anesthetic and isolating the tooth in need of the root canal. We remove any and all decay from the tooth and then work to remove the actual pulp. The canals of the roots are carefully cleaned so that we’re able to fill them with a special medicated material. Once finished, we fill the hole in the tooth with composite resin filling material and cure it into place.

If you think you might need a root canal and want to come into our office for an exam, call us today and we can schedule an appointment for you.